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Sütterlin script

Last updated on June 14, 2021

With excruciating slowness, I am working on a page about completing reproduction paperwork. I made this scan showing the appearance of my main style of Suetterlin script using different inks and pens. Suetterlin handwriting was widely used for documents right up to the end of the war and its use continued into the early postwar period. Here I have written some Wehrmacht military ranks: Soldat, Pionier, Flieger, Grenadier, Kanonier. I have been practicing writing in Suetterlin for about 10 years and I am pleased with how my script looks. I also have learned to write the Latin-type handwriting from the war years, the Deutsche Normalschrift. I have a few variations of each script, this is necessary to create the illusion of records worked on by different people at different times.

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