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More Soldbuch Inserts

These are reproductions of original insert pages pasted into the Soldbuch. They can be used to add realism and detail to a reproduction Soldbuch. I have previously posted a reproduced equipment issue insert here.

More equipment issue inserts

This first one is a double-sided version that was specifically intended to update the first pattern, 1939 Heer Soldbuch. This early version of the Soldbuch had a very limited amount of space on pages 6 and 7 to record the items a soldier was issued. The pre-printed item list omitted many basic items issued to nearly every soldier, such as ammunition pouches, clothing bags, or the Zeltbahn, and there was very little space provided to add these in. Stocks of these early books continued to be issued throughout the war.  This insert would be pasted at the end of the pre-printed list of issue items. The blank area on the back is where it would be glued, and it would then be folded to fit inside the book.



Here is another insert page that could be used to update a 1939 pattern Soldbuch or to add more space to any book in cases where the original pages were filled with entries after years of service. Some well-used books have multiple inserts like this.

Soldbuch equipment issue insert

Here is another original insert in a Soldbuch in my collection. Just another example of the countless variants of insert pages as described above. This one was single-sided.

This reproduction of the above insert was re-typeset by Bernhard Kruger, and is shared here with his generous permission.

Gasraumproben insert

This sheet would be pasted into a Soldbuch and used to record tests of the soldier’s gas mask.

Reproduction of the Gasraumproben page

Schiessliste insert

This double-sided document would be used to record a soldier’s scores from marksmanship training.

Schiessliste front

Schiessliste back

Soap issue Soldbuch insert

This insert was used to record the quantity and type of soap a soldier was issued and on what date. The original I copied here was double-sided, 4 pages.

Soap issue insert PDF

You can print these on whatever paper you use for paperwork recreations. For paper ideas you can refer to my article.

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