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Living History Articles

Frequently Asked Questions

What stamps do I need to fill out Soldbücher for people in my reenactment group?

Where to get wood stamp handles?

What kind of stamp pads should I use?

How can I get a WWII German typewriter for reenactment?

Translated Reference Material

The Work Arrangement for the Hauptfeldwebel and his Clerks in the Schreibstube.
Original regulations, from “Hilfsbuch für den Hauptfeldwebel” 1942

Dienstsiegel (Service Seals), Dienststempel (Service Stamps), Briefstempel (Letter Stamps)
Original regulations for Wehrmacht document stamps, from H.Dv. 30 “Schrift- und Geschäftsverkehr der Wehrmacht” 1939


“Kompanie Schreiber” – Reenacting the Papierkrieg
Every reenactment group should have a clerk to issue identity documents and other paperwork. This article is a guide for people interested in this unique specialty impression, it contains tips for how to get started and ideas for the practical application of this skill in a living history context.

Creating a Roster for a WWII German Reenactment Unit
A roster is one of the most basic functional things a clerk in a reenactment unit can create. I have compiled all the information needed for this, including printable PDFs.

Modern Equivalents to WWII Paper

Living history photos
Photos showing a range of WWII desk and office setups from reenactment events.

Material Culture

Original WWII German Document Stamps
Scans and explanations of some of the most common types of document stamps used in the Third Reich.

WWII German Typewriters with the SS Runic Key

WWII German Handwriting

Soldbuch Portrait Photos
Information about portrait photos used in the Soldbuch, with some original examples.

WWII German Fountain and Dip Pen Nibs

Scans of Original WWII German Documents
Original examples of the Soldbuch and Wehrpass,

Original Typewriters
Examples of pre-1945 European typewriters, that could have been used during WWII

Stamp Ink Colors
A look at the variety of stamp ink colors in one WWII document, and a discussion of available modern colors

Instructional booklet for form of hand lettering used for technical writing and more

Indelible Pencils in WWII German Documents

Printable Reproduction Paperwork

Civilian postal stationery of wartime Germany and occupied Poland

Soldbuch insert for equipment issue

Instruction label for Olympia Robust typewriter case

Label for typewriter oil bottle

Historical Articles
Stories from WWII told by original documents.

Willy Spörer: A story of one young soldier, 1944

Heinz Zboril: A story of one young soldier, 1943

Gefechtsturm VI, Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg
A flak tower in Hamburg and a Luftschutz Dienstbuch for a nurse who worked there.