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More new Soldbuch stamps: Rank stamps

Last updated on June 14, 2021

I have finished some new and different rank stamps, precisely copied from original Nazi-era paperwork.

The “Rechnungsführer” rank stamp is a typical stamp found in a Wehrmacht Soldbuch. The Rechnungsführer was an administrative NCO who acted as a paymaster and could have signed to authorize many kinds of entries concerning issue and pay. The other two stamps are more unusual and were for special kinds of units. The “Major u. Kp.-Chef” stamp would be for a Major in charge of a Kompanie, this was an unusual situation and in this case was for a Genesendenkompanie (convalescent company). The “Hauptm. u. Dienstst. Leiter” could be used for virtually any kind of unit but was intended to be used for duty stations that did not have typical military organization structures, as in this case, for a Heeresentlassungstelle (Army discharge station).

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