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Soldbuch stamp for equipment inspections

Last updated on September 17, 2023

This original photo shows a soldier’s gear laid out for inspection. Wartime doctrine stipulated that soldiers in the field who were not currently engaged in combat at the front were to be trained, drilled and inspected frequently to maintain discipline and readiness and to keep troops from vegetating in their positions.

This Soldbuch stamp, entered on page 8 of a Heer Soldbuch, certifies that a soldier’s gear has been checked and found to be complete and suitable for field use. The Soldbuch entry is authorized with a unit stamp and an officer’s signature (in indelible pencil) and rank stamp, and is dated early in 1944.

A reenactment group I was in at one time had an annual training event during which each soldier’s gear would be inspected with a layout similar to the original photo. I wish I had had this Soldbuch stamp at that time as it would have been a cool detail to add to the experience. If you want this stamp in your own Soldbuch I can sell this for $15 for just the rubber part or $20 with a wood handle, plus shipping. This stamp could be used in any Soldbuch.

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