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The Work Arrangement for the Hauptfeldwebel and his Clerks in the Schreibstube.

The article below was translated from Hans Roedel, “Hilfsbuch fuer den Hauptfeldwebel” (E.S. Mittler und Sohn, Berlin, 1942). Although published in 1942, this text almost certainly dates from the pre-war period, with its references to the Truppenausweis which was replaced in fall 1939 with the Soldbuch. And of course, the reality of war meant that the clerks in the Schreibstube (literally “writing room,” in this sense the orderly room, or the office in charge of paperwork) had to face a huge array of different duties and responsibilities. But despite this, the text gives a good overview of what Wehrmacht unit clerks were expected to do, and of the types of paperwork seen as necessary for the functioning of a Kompanie. I have retained the German terms for specific documents, ranks and positions. Translated by Chris Pittman, 2011.

I. The Hauptfeldwebel

1.) a) Review of all incoming orders and regulations, the daily mail and the correspondence presented by the Funkt. Uffz. and the members of the Kompanie. Noting of the most important appointments.
b) Preparation of all outgoing correspondence, consulting the Kompaniechef in advance as necessary
c) Submission of incoming correspondence after stamping with the incoming or distribution stamp, and the outgoing correspondence after checking the correctness of the form and content and after the addition of the signature of the Kompaniechef for signature completion.
d) In so doing, speaking about all current issues, concerning the Innendienst and the correspondence of the Kompanie. Arrangement of the duties for the following day. Submission of important appointments and events for the coming days.

2.) Stewardship of the following books:
*List for promotions, transfers, dismissals

3.) Instating of the guard, the Unteroffizier von Dienst, the Offizier vom Wochendienst, etc. (the last according to the order of the Kompaniechef). Review of the Dienstbuch for the U.v.D. and the Offz. Von Wochendienst and submission to the Kompaniechef. Preparation of the daily Frontrapport.

4.) Periodic checks of the following lists:
Daily: Veraenderungsliste,
*Posteingangs- and Postempfangsbuch,
Urlaubsbuecher der Korporalschaften,
Arbeitsdienstliste ,
Wach- und Dienstliste,
At certain times:
Urlaubsbuch der Kompanie,
Bestandsliste fuer reichseigene Geraete,

5.) Processing of classified information, preliminary work for mobilization, alarm plans.

6.) Administration of Geschaeftzimmer requirements
*These lists are to be submitted to the Kp. Chef at times specified in the appointment calendar.

II. The 1. Schreiber

1.) a) Handling of the entire outgoing correspondence as instructed by the Hauptfeldwebel.
Writing of the daily Dienstplan and the Kompanie orders as dictated by the Hauptfeldwebel.
b) Stewardship of the appointment calendar for regular and one-time appointments. Reminding the Hauptfeldwebel of these appointments and handling the appointments according to his instruction.
c) Co-reading of all receipts and entries of the appointments contained therein.

2.) Stewardship of the following lists:
Bestandsliste fuer reichseigene Geraete,
Liste fuer Personalangaben,
Nachweisung fuer Berechtigungsscheine.
Stewardship of the following files and papers:
Personal papers,
Review of the members of commissions.

3.) Registration of completed correspondence.
Administration of maps and administration of the N.f.D. Regulations (to the extent that the 1. Schreiber fills the conditions of H.Dv. 99).

III. The 2. Schreiber

1.) Early duty in rotation with the 3. Schreiber. This means:
Cleaning of the rooms, lightin the fire, emptying the waste basket, setting the calendar, etc., receipt of the Krankmeldungen, entering these in the Krankmeldebuch and hanging this on the Rapporttafel.

2.) Review of the office file of completed documents. Checking the blackboard, to see which documents can be taken down.

3.) Stewardship of an appointment calendar for guard muster, rotating duties, Flaggenparadeoffiziere, passwords, muster of orderlies, etc. The ranks for these duties are to be requested from the Hauptfeldwebel, und thereafter these should be given notice of the duties verbally or in writing.

4.) Stewardship of the following lists:
Wach- und Dienstliste,
Versaeumnisliste fuer Heeresfachschule,
Posteingangs- und Empfangsbuch.

5.) Relieving the burden on the 1. Schreiber by preparing transcripts, statements, etc. , by filling out printed forms, by handling simple documents.

6.) Administration and updating of open regulations.

7.) Compiling order lists for photos, textbooks, etc. und distribution of these through the Korporalschaften. All group orders must be approved by the Kompanie.

8.) Amendment of the A.H.M. and H.V.Bl.

IV. The 3. Schreiber

1.) Early duty as 2. Schreiber.

2.) Orderly duty: Collecting the orders, the mail and packages from the Bataillon at certain times. Handling of errands in the city, managing the fire in the oven of the Schreibstube. Preparing Dienstpost for sending and delivery to the post office.

3.) Processing of leaves for the members of the Kompanie.
Stewardship of: Urlaubsbuch der Kompanie,
Liste fuer Urlaubsverbote,
Nachweisung ueber freie Urlaubsreifen.

Issuing of the Urlaubsscheine and Nachturlaubsscheine for approved leave.
Preparation work for holiday leave.

4.) Drawing up transcripts, statements, and simple documents.