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Reproduction Soldbuch projects

Last updated on July 2, 2022

March 19, 2022

These are reproduction Soldbücher that I filled out for reenactors using my stamps. I used period style equipment, including original pens and even wartime era ink in some cases. The books themselves are available from various vendors, and I put in all the entries. Creating a reproduction Soldbuch often requires a mix of research and creativity. Every project is different. When I do these, I take details that people give me about what they want, and try to interpret that and incorporate their wishes into something that generally looks convincing. For some people, that might mean they have carefully researched every unit and every officer and signature and stamp. For other people, these details are less important and they really just want to have something that they will be pleased to have and use as a unique personalized prop that meets their own subjective realism criteria. I usually have to make some stuff up, and there are layers and layers of inaccuracies that may be found in these, if you have access to documentation and unit-specific knowledge. The Feldpost numbers might not match the specific unit, the Ersatz units might have the wrong Standort listed, or may not be the right unit for the corresponding field unit; the way specific unit designations changed over time and were redesignated may not be reflected according to the exact original timeline. This is part of why I think reenactment units should make these for their members- they will have the unit specific stamps and know-how, they have an advantage there, assuming they have done the research. But even if all the stamps and designations and Feldpost numbers and officer names are correct, there still probably is still somewhere, in some archive, some Erkennungsmarkenverzeichnis or Stammrolle that shows that the names and numbers don’t match, or a phone book that reveals that someone else lived on a given address. They can never be absolutely perfect because they represent fictional characters. I still think that for a reenactor, having paperwork that relates to your own fictional character is at least as important as having the right cap or insignia.

Reproduction Heer Soldbuch

Reproduction Luftwaffe Soldbuch

Reproduction SS Soldbuch (3 examples)

This first one is for an SS-Rottenführer in SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 2 “LSSAH.”

This one is for an SS-Sturmbannführer. This was intended as a display prop and not something for an individual reenactor’s persona. I used a mix of details provided by the person for whom I made this, and my own creative interpretation. Some of the entries here are exact copies of entries in original books, of which some were books for the same branch and rank.

This example is for an SS-Rottenführer in SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 10 “Westland.”

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