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Reproduction rubber stamps, copied from photos

July 2, 2022

These were stamps I made recently, copied from images sent by customers. It can be hard to copy stamps from low-resolution images, or from photos taken at an angle. But it is not impossible. This stamp is from a wartime Norwegian document.

This stamp is from a WWII German medical armband. On the left is a photo of the original. On the right, a scan of a piece of paper stamped with the reproduction rubber stamp I created.

This Nezavisna Dr┼żava Hrvatska (NDH) stamp, from the wartime Independent State of Croatia, was a tough one to copy, but yielded a satisfying result. The image on the left is on the reproduction stamp, stamped on paper. Clean artwork, and highly detailed engraving of the rubber, are needed to create a crisp stamp like this.

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