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Original WWII German Documents

Heer Soldbuch of Obergefreiter Jakob Hahl, Werfer-Abteilung 11
Scans of a very well-filled-out original Heer Soldbuch.

Heer Soldbuch of Panzergrenadier Josef Gretschel, 9./Fuehrer-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 4
In contrast to the book above, this Soldbuch for a recruit has just a few basic entries.

Heer Soldbuch of Oberwachtmeister Hans Tack, 5./Art.-Rgt.29
A second-issue replacement Soldbuch.

Heer Soldbuch of Oberzahlmeister Johann Weinreich, Heeresstandortverwaltung
An ID for a paymaster in an administrative unit.

Heer Soldbuch of Oberschütze Willi Beese, Landesschützen-Bataillon 739
An ID for a 59-year-old retired official drafted in 1944 and assigned security duties.

Heer Soldbuch of Hauptmann David Held, Landesschützen-Bataillon 422
Soldbuch and other documents to a Kompanie commander of a POW guard unit.

Volkssturm Soldbuch of Volkssturmmann Otto Kobiaülka, 2/I. St. Batl. Treuburg
An ID for a man from East Prussia, born in 1888.

Heer Wehrpass of Gefreiter Hans Böschl
A service record of a clerk and rifleman in a Grenadier unit.

Heer Wehrpass of Schütze Gustav Reiprich
A service record of a guard, an ethnic German from Czechoslovakia.